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Our ability to work well with dancers of all ages along with top notch customer service, high quality images, and efficiency has made us one of the most sought after dance photographers in Texas. If you’re needing a photographer for your spring portraits Aaron and his team have the expertise and skill to make the life of the studio director and parents hassle free, while capturing those precious memories.


We have 6-10 stations (computers) that allow parents to view there images directly after there pictures are taken. This allows parents to know exactly how there images will look before they leave. Parents are able to retake there images if not satisfied.

  • NO fees to the dance studio
  • NO session fees to the parents
  • Instant viewing stations- images are viewed right after portrait session
  • Multiple poses photographed
  • Digital image and print options
  • 15 years experience specializing in dance photography
  • Orders shipped directly to parents within 3 weeks
  • Million dollar liability insurance policy
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Hassle free for the dance studio

Studios who trust us

-Joys School of Dance
-Shirley McPhail School of Dance
-Dorothy Keck Dancers
-Amy’s Studio
-Balance Dance
-San Marcos Dance
-Spotlight Dance
-Studio C
-Dette & Co Dancers
-West Austin Dance
-Lisa’s Dance Connection
-Dance Works
-Dance Austin Studio
-Dance by Design
-Lets Dance
-School of Dance at the J
-DFW Dance Force
-Dance Prodigy
-Devotion in Motion
-Main Stage Dance


  • Individual Portraits at Dance Studio With Signup

    Parents signup up there child in 15 minute slots with 3-5 dancers per slot. This allows time for each child to change if they have multiple outfits. While we photograph one child another is getting ready. All images are then viewed and orders are placed the same day

    This option is the most efficient way to photograph your dance studio and provides the best experience for your parents. We always recommend this option to the studio

  • Individual & Group Portraits at Dance Studio

    Classes are scheduled in a specific time slot, usually every 15 minutes. We photograph the individual portraits and then the group (dancers who are present). Parents then view and order there images right after the pictures.

  • Individual Portraits Taken at Dress Rehearsal

    Individual portraits are taken in the performing art center lobby and pictures are first come first serve.

    Our schedule is limited on availability with this option. We also can not guarantee the same day the following year if deciding to book with us. We always recommend to photograph individual portraits with a signup, at the dance studio.

Frequently Asked Questions


Creators of

Having the proper dance pose is important when photographing dance portraits. We help pose all dancers accordingly to the genre, age level, and experience. We also give the dancers the option to choose there favorite pose(s) in order to give them a more custom experience. We photograph anywhere from 4-7 poses per outfit, which gives variety when choosing for purchase.

How far in advance do we need to book with you?

If you are interested in our services we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to go over any questions you have.

Normally we start scheduling in September and finalize all our dates in January. We book up fast and dates are sometimes limited.

After a date is finalized we mail the dance studio an information poster they can hang up in there lobby, information flyers, facebook graphics, and a e-mail template. All this is to help communicate with the parents about the portrait date and information explaining our services.

Where are the dance portraits photographed?

Dance portraits are either photographed at your dance studio, on a specific day, or at your dress rehearsal. Due to limited availability portraits taken at dress rehearsal may be limited

When do parents order pictures?

All orders must be placed on portrait day. Parents will be able to view all your images right after there child’s portraits are taken, instantly on our viewing stations. We do not offer online ordering and if a parent is not able to order the same day they can contact us for other arrangements.

Is there a session fee?

We do NOT charge a session fee. Because of this, all orders must be placed on portraits day.

Do you have sample prices?

You can find pricing information on the bottom of the home page under pricing information. This gives an overview of the options we have for parents. Prints start off at $25 and digital images start at $35. We do not offer a memory mate option (individual portrait and group combined on an 8×10 print with design, as what you would see for little league or school portraits) There is no fee to take pictures, no minimum purchases and parents can order as little or as much as they want.

How many outfits can the dancers be photographed in?

We recommend dancers choose there favorite 2 outfits to be photographed in. We do not limit the amount of outfits photographed.

Do you offer a portrait makeup day?

The times and date set for your dance studio portraits are the only available portrait days. Parents can contact us to see if we will be photographing another studio in your area that they can attend. We do offer parents the option of scheduling a custom session with us.

Does the studio have to hand out orders to the parents?

All orders will be mailed directly to the address provided on the order form within 3 weeks. Orders will not be sent to the dance studio. All orders will have a tracking number. If a parent does not receive there order within 3 weeks please have them contact us. It is easier for both the studio and us if we have direct contact with a costumer.

How many poses do you photograph?

We photograph anywhere from 4-7 poses per outfit. If a dancer has 3 or more outfits we limit the amount of poses to less than 5. We help pose all dancers and encourage studios to provide a helper or teacher, which bring a familiar face with the young dancers.

Can parents order more than 1 pose?

Yes, parents can choose as many poses as they would like. All our print packages are set up with 1 pose per unit (8×10 or 2-5×7 or 4-4×6’s, etc). We also offer a CD option that allows for purchase of all the images at a discounted rate

Can parents order there pictures online?

We DO NOT offer online ordering for parents. Because it is free for parents to take there pictures we require them to view and order directly after there pictures are taken. If a parent is not able to purchase pictures, we ask them to view there images and decide what they would like, then contact us with payment information when they are ready to place order.

What if a parent is not happy with the images taken?

Because we offer instant viewing stations that allow parents to view there images after there childs portraits, it helps eliminate not knowing what there images will look like. If a parent is not satisfied, they can tell our sales staff and we will retake there pictures.

What if a parent didn't receive there order, or is damaged?

If a parent has not received there order within 3 week please have them contact us. Sometimes the address provided is incorrect and we have tracking numbers on all packages to help locate them.

If a parents order is damaged or incorrect we provide information in all packages that state to contact us immediately. We strive to provide top notch customer service and make sure all parents are taken care of promptly.

Do you provide digital images to the studio to use for recital programs?

If class pictures are taken; we do provide the digital images, at no charge to the studio, as one of the benefits when using our services. They are able to use images in recital programs, print to display at studio, or post online. We DO NOT provide the studio individual portraits of the dancers who are wanting to use with an ad they purchase for the program. If a parents chooses to purchase the digital images of there child they can provide their favorite image, to the studio, after they have received there order within 3 weeks.

Do you provide any discounts or packages to the dance studio staff.

We do offer special incentives for staff that have children who also dance at the studio. If you have a staff member who would like to help out on portrait day we do offer prints at no charge.


Below are a few of the items we offer our studios. Contact us for more detail on all the benefits we offer.

Digital Images

Digital images you can use for your website and marketing

Poster Collage

Poster collage with all portraits taken to display at your studio

Class Portraits

We offer digital images or prints of the classes taken


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