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We are a photography studio specializing in dance photography that travels all over Texas working with studios of many sizes.  We are known for our unique process when photographing dance portraits. With our instant viewing stations, multiple pose options, variety of packages, and direct shipping to parents; we make photographing dance easy and fun.


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Frequently Asked Questions


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Where are the dance portraits photographed?

Dance portraits are either photographed at your dance studio, on a specific day, or at your dress rehearsal. Please reference the information flyer handed out by the studio or by checking out the informational poster in your studio lobby.

When do I order my pictures?

All orders must be placed on portrait day. You will be able to view all your images right after your child’s portraits, instantly on our viewing stations. Please make sure all decision makers are present. We do not offer online ordering.

Is there a portrait makeup day?

The times and date set for your dance studio portraits are the only available portrait days. You can contact us to see if we will be photographing another studio in your area that you can attend there portrait day. If you are not able to attend portrait day we do offer custom portrait sessions that is more flexible, has more options, and allows for more time with your child. Custom sessions are scheduled starting at the end of June. Please contact us for more information

How many outfits can my child be photographed in?

We recommend bringing your favorite 2 outfits to be photographed in. We do not limit the amount of outfits your child is photographed in but if you have 3 or more outfits you will have a specific time assigned to you for portraits.

If my child changes shoes, is that considered another outfit?

If your child has 1 costume that is used for both (ballet and tap) (jazz and tap) or any variations – it is considered 2 outfits (for purpose of purchasing digital images).

We photograph each type of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, etc) with unique poses. When you change the shoes, it changes the outfit, and we photograph your child with a completely different set of poses.

Can I bring my camera and take pictures?

Because it’s a distraction, taking pictures of your child during their session is not permitted. You are allowed to photograph your child out in the lobby but not on the background. Please respect this request.

Is there a session fee?

We do no charge a session fee. Because of this all orders must be placed on portraits day.

When will I receive my order?

All orders will be mailed directly to the address provided on your order form within approximately 3 weeks. Orders will not be sent to the dance studio. Please provide a mailing address you check regularly.

How many poses do I get to choose from?

We photograph anywhere from 4-7 poses per outfit. If you have 3 or more outfits we limit the amount of poses to less than 5. We help pose all dancers but if you have a favorite pose you would like to be photographed in, please tell the photographer before hand.

Can you photograph more than 1 child together?

If you are wanting individual portraits of each child along with them together, then we only photograph your children together in 1 outfit (favorite). If your are not wanting individual portraits then we can photograph your children together in all the outfits you want photographed.

Can a choose more than 1 pose?

Yes, you can choose as many poses as you would like. All our print packages are set up with 1 pose per unit (8×10 or 2-5×7 or 4-4×6’s, etc). We also offer a CD option that allows for purchase of all the images at a discounted rate

What if I'm not happy with the images taken?

Because we offer instant viewing stations that allow you to view your images after your portraits, it helps eliminate not knowing what your images will look like. If you are not satisfied please tell our sales staff and we will retake your pictures.

My order was damages, missing prints, or not correct?

Please contact us immediately by submitting contact form with your name, child’s name, dance studio, and problem, in order to correct in a timely manner.

Portrait Check List

Before your portrait session please make sure to review the check list below.
  • Light Makeup

    In order to reduce shine on your child’s face please use light makeup. When performing on stage it is recommended to use heavy makeup.

  • Remove:

    • Glitter on face
    • Bracelets
    • Band Aids
    • Washable tatoos
  • Have Proper Dance Shoes

    Make sure to bring dance shoes that goes with outfit. (ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, point shoes)

  • All Decision Makers Are Present

    All orders must be placed on portrait day. Please contact us before hand if you are not able to order the day of your portraits.


No sitting fee to take your portraits and you are able to view your images before purchasing. State sales tax and $5 shipping added to all orders. All prices subject to change

Print Option

Prints are ordered in sheets with 1 pose per unit at $25 each. We do offer a special of buy 3 units get 1 unit free. Additional poses or outfits would require a purchase of multiple units. All units are printed at a professional photo lab for high quality.

1-8×10  |  2-5×7’s  |  4-4×6’s  |  1-5×7, 2-4×6’s  |  8 wallets

Digital Images

All digital images are high resolution (8×12 dimensions) with print right release that allows you to print at your favorite photo lab.

Our Digital Image Special is priced per outfit with the first outfit $75 and $35 for each additional outfit. It includes all your images per outfit (estimated 4-7 images/poses). Each digital image is regularly priced $30 and the special is the best value if you are wanting more than 1 image

Changing of the shoes is considered another outfit.


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